Not Pretty or Perfect: Women, Writing, and Power

A 90-minute interactive workshop that explores thought-leadership writing as a tool for women business leaders.

1:05 - 2:35 pm

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Learning objectives and workshop flow:

  • Define thought leadership and how women business leaders use it to shape their answer to “What kind of leader will I be?”

  • Explore platforms and format: op-eds, online articles, LinkedIn, and other social media

  • Discuss and give feedback on recent examples from women business leaders

  • Learn a template for crafting a meaningful, concise, authentic thought-leadership piece on something you care about

  • Practice and give/get feedback on the title and high-level summary for that piece in breakouts

Nathinee Chen

Associate Director

Wharton Communication Program

Nathinee Chen is an Associate Director in the Wharton Communication Program, where she serves as course head for the entrepreneurial communication courses offered at Wharton. She has taught MBAs, undergrads, and community leaders and has served as a development editor and writing coach for authors across disciplines and fields.